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Philippine Sowerby

1.I am
2.Let me hold you too
3.Together alive
5.Gelert and the Wolf
6.The Sun, Light for the World
7.Darkness and Light
8.Light within
9.Resonance I
10.Resonance II
11.Resonance III b
13.The tree that makes the paper II
15.Oak Vase
17.King Fisher the Contented
18.Snail Trails
20.Mini Dolphins.Multi layered 1
21.Mini Dolphins.Multi layered 2

I was born in Belgium and came to Cardiff university in 1981.  After a number of years working as a civil engineer around the country, I  settled in Wales.

I started sculpting in 2002, working exclusively in Welsh wood for ecological reasons, but also to emphasise the beauty that is all around us. 


My works is created in the tension between the precision of my intervention  and the organic nature of the wood.

I celebrate nature’s irregularity balancing my process and material, revealing and revelling in the wood, its structure, texture and colours. Often due to the presence of faults in the wood, I have to reconsider the design I have imagined, and the making becomes a dialogue between me and my piece.  


I search for aesthetically pure and  balanced forms in figurative and non figurative design.  

Recurring themes in my work include landscape and nature, relationship and contrasts (darkness and light, interior and exterior, depths and shadows, rough and smooth).


My work often has a dynamic aspect where the observer can move the multiple pieces, creating new relationships, forming new arrangements, light and shadow. It is an invitation to engage not only visually but also physically, to participate in the creative process.


I am a member of The Welsh Group, and The Makers Guild in Wales.

I regularly show my work in galleries around the UK.

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