kay leverton 

I came to Wales in 1982 and have been living in Tredegar very close to the Brecon Beacons National Park for 25 years now.

I am a self taught artist and for me the whole of life is a creative process to consciously take part in. My muse is Nature and I, like you are part of that. I love the various moods and emotions that claim me when I give time for the Spirit in the land to speak to me I feel the plants, animals and the earth beneath me and know that we are all related and part of something immense and magical.

In early 2010 I got out a pack of Scraperboard bought some time before and all my recent work is in this medium. It was a revelation, I felt as if my hands were leading the way back into something I already knew. 

It is a love affair with a technique that allows me to explore my love of line and detail and the intricacy of the natural world. To scratch away the ink and reveal the creamy chalk underneath, to make up a work out of thousands of tiny lines, really excites me. It is very time consuming and the more intricate works take many many days but it is also like a meditation when I am totally immersed in an individual piece the everyday world fades away.

I am now part of a Co-operative which runs Tower Gallery in Crickhowell, Powys and have an on-line shop, so, another step on the art road has been taken and while Scraperboard is my main media I am also returning to colour with Acrylics, Inks and collage on panels of wood.

49 High Street, Crickhowell, Powys. NP8 1BH towergallerycoop@gmail.com