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Kay Leverton

Scraperboard and Mixed Media Artist

Website:http://kayleverton.webplus.net    Contact:  01495 723 597    E-mail:  kayleverton@tiscali.co.uk

I have had no formal training but over the years have developed a recognisable style. Lots of observing, few sketches and lots of photos are my preparation for a piece of work. I go around gestating an image for weeks and then work almost non-stop for as long as it takes to get it done. One image usually starts a series. The ideas cycle round over months and years developing and deepening. I have moved through Pastels, Acrylics and Photography to feel the right media for a certain subject.

My recent work is in Scraperboard (a Drypoint Etching technique on inked board) and working in Black and White is a refreshing change and challenge after the bright colours of my Pastel work. It allows me to work with detail, to get up close and personal with my subject.  It has to be said that this media requires much more on the page forward planning and preparation than previous work but that is a pleasure most of the time. Most works take between 40 and 60 hours.
     I am also now exploring collage in paper to give my desire for and love of colour some expression.

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Kay Scratching in studio - - Scraperboard - Kay Leverton - Art fron the Soul

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